Do you have stumps requiring removal? Read below 3 Reasons to Hire a Stump Removal Pro.

Proper Equipment is vital for stump removal.

Any job requires the proper equipment. Especially stump removal. I mean let’s face it, you’d have a difficult time trying to paint your fence with a screwdriver instead of a brush. A professional tree service has qualified individuals that know how to apply the proper tool to the job. Of course, such expertise didn’t just happen. Knowing how to select the proper tool for the situation comes with training and experience

Training and Experience

Just like about any other career, tree service professionals require training. And of course, many of them have a lot more experience  than the average limb lopper. Training can go along way in preventing accidents. Something that is valuable in such an inherently dangerous profession. Stump Removal should be completed by knowledgeable tree service pros to prevent any unwanted accidents.

Avoid Danger

While many things around the house can be dangerous, none quite compare to tree and/or stump removal. Powerful equipment and in the case of tree care, towering heights are the norm. In some situations, proper clearance is required before tree stump removal. “Call before you dig” or calling 811 is something you’ve likely heard before. (“ But, you may have been unaware that it also applies to stump grinding. Lack of tools, training and the danger involved has hopefully convinced you to call the professionals when you need a stump removed. But who should you call?

Tally Trees- Trained and Experienced Stump Removal Pros

Proudly serving the Tallahassee area, Tally Trees specializes in tree removal and hauling. They pay special attention to the details of every project to ensure complete satisfaction. Of course, they can take care of those stumps too. Not sure what you need or if you really need it? No worries, call (850) 509-6805″ for a free consultation and estimate. Additionally, Tally Trees offers Financing. That’s right! You can cut now and pay later! Call Tally Trees today and you’ll soon see why they’re a “cut above!”

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