Do I need to remove my tree? Have you ever had to ask yourself that question? If you have, then it is a good idea to call in an expert for evaluation. “Trees bring so much benefit and beauty to the landscape, it can be hard to part with them. But, while a tree may seem healthy to the untrained eye, it could be a disaster waiting to happen.” –Arbor Day

Tree removal is usually a last resort. If there are no safe options to save the tree in question, it is best to remove it. Dead or dying trees can pose hazards such as personal injury, damage to your home or business, or even damage to a nearby property. If this happens, it could lead to thousands of dollars in repairs. Even worse? The priceless cost of injuring someone.

Any damage or injury that occurs from the hazards of leaving a dead or dying tree to it’s own devices is ultimately the owners responsibility. It is always best to err on the side of caution. You could be thanking yourself later!

Below are 4 things to watch for if you’re asking yourself : “Do I need to remove my tree?”

  1. Fungi, Decay, or noticeable rotting near the roots.
  2. Damaged trunks that are peeling or have holes (cavities).
  3. Hanging branches that are obviously dead or dying.
  4. Lack of living buds on the tips of branch twigs.

We all know that we can’t predict the future. Some tree failures are sudden, whether from a storm, high winds. But it’s always best to be proactive if you notice any of the above signs. Because most tree removal or cutting jobs are unsafe for the average homeowner, it’s advised that you contact a local, reputable tree service company.

Tips for finding a reliable tree service if you do need to remove your tree(s)

Licensed and Insured – The proper license and insurance is of great importance when hiring a tree service to do the job. Trees often exist close to homes, power lines and, of course, people. Tree trimming and removal services is an inherently dangerous profession. Therefore, it is important that the tree service is licensed and insured. Any reputable tree service will have the proper licenses and insurance.

Large Payment up front – Some companies may request a large or even full payment up front. It is in your best interest to look elsewhere, if this occurs to you. A reliable tree service would not start work without providing a free estimate and/or consultation (Beaulieu, 2021).

Positive Reviews – Check for positive reviews, whether it be social media, google or even word of mouth. Many tree services can tell you what you want to hear. However, it is a good practice to look at what others are saying.

Tally Trees: An affordable tree service

Tally Trees check all of the boxes from the above criteria. They’re licensed and insured, they have great reviews and they offer free consultations. A free consultation will allow you to address all of your concerns while making a plan of action together. Tally Trees also offers financing! You can cut now and pay later! Still have questions? That’s natural, check out their FAQ page or call them at (850) 509-6805.

Tally Trees

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